Space Comms Demo Video

Client: Hi-SIDE

We were commissioned to produce a video with integrated animations to creatively show a space technology demonstration for the Hi-SIDE consortium (a European-funded space project). 
Our animator created a digital representation of the technical components and and their use in space satellites, which we integrated with the live action test footage. We also interviewed the scientists involved in  the consortium, including representatives from Airbus.

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Client Testimonial

“We hired Glass Bullet to film and creatively show our space technology demonstration for our European funded project. The project was coming to an end and we wanted a video to showcase the technology developments achieved within the project concluding with the full integration of the technology elements into a working system. This was on a particularly tight schedule and deadline as the individual components of the system would only be in one place for a few days (being shipped from across Europe specifically for the technical demonstration).
Glass Bullet were brilliant! They were in constant communication throughout the process, from video concepts through storyboards, voice scripts and filming, to the creation of the final product. They provided fantastic advice in creating the best visuals for our video.
The team spent 2 days on site with us filming and were quick to ask questions to fully understand the technologies purpose, this knowledge was translated into our video and ensured that scientific aspects of the technology were accurately represented.
We had an animation element to our video and Glass Bullet included an animator in the team who created an excellent
digital overview of our technology and its use in space satellites which Glass Bullet seamless transitioned to live action footage.
We loved our video (and working with them) so much that we asked them to commission a second shorter video for the project, for an award ceremony in which we were finalists and eventual winners.
If you want a dedicated, creative team with vast experience in film making and extremely reasonable prices, look no further than Glass Bullet!”

Robyn Plaice-Inglis

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