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Full Service Production

Glass Bullet Media is a full service video production company, which means we deal with everything including locations, health and safety, script-writing, shooting, editing, aerial drone filming, animation and graphics. We can also give you advice on where to distribute your new video.
We produce a variety of video marketing content including documentaries, social media videos, cinematic web adverts, training films, corporate videos, event promos, product videos, TV commercials and charity films.
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Video Production

A Cinematic Approach

Gone are the days of boring corporate videos. Today’s brand films are lush, cinematic and stylish. They must also be social media-friendly!
Our camera operators have filmed underwater and in the air to create the magical shots you see in our showreel.
Our experienced video production team write, produce and edit cinematic video content that focuses on delivering engaging films that can promote, entertain and advertise your message.

Creative Teamwork

We shoot in 4K and 5K resolution, using the latest camera kit, cinematic techniques, a talented crew and creative editors. We use sliders, steadicams, aerial drones and action cams to bring something special to each production.
The initial pre-production meeting and creative brief will help us know what kit to use to capture the right shots - whether you need a stunning aerial video of a building, a video of your Guinness World Record event or 4k action cams to get exciting shots of a vehicle in motion.

Health and safety video for Kettle Produce in Fife
A health and safety video for Kettle Produce in Fife, produced by Glass Bullet Media

Post-Production Services

Where all the Magic Happens!

Editing, motion graphics, grading, audio and music all come together in the edit suite to create your finished film. Hours of footage may have been shot for just a few minutes of finished video. It’s all about choosing the right shots, the right music, perfecting the sound and balacing colour - then adding some motion graphics and animation to really bring the production to life!

More than Just Editing

With us, post production is never an afterthought – it’s a key part of the process. There’s more to editing than just picking the best shots and editing them together. We often add invisible improvements like airbrushing out an object that spoils the shot, removing unwanted background elements or using imaging tricks to turning a dull grey sky into a beautiful summers day.
Motion graphics can be used to add moving text or animated logos to the video; and the right music can really lift the production and add depth and feeling to it.
We also clear all music licenses for DVD and online use. We have a vast collection of in-house music as well as a library of some of the best needledrop music out there. 
Grading is also a very important step in the post-production process, where certain moods can be created by changing the colour palette of the video, or simply correcting the white balance in difficult lighting situations.

Aerial drone footage Gleneagles Golf Scotland
Drone footage is perfect for promoting golf courses, like this arial view from Gleneagles in Scotland.

Aerial Drone Filming

Get a New Perspective

Aerial video footage can bring a whole new dimension to your production - just think how much more information an aerial flyover can bring to a property video, a golf course promo or a tourism film. We have used aerial drone filming extensively for high resolution roof inspection photography, documentaries, event videos, industrial films, promotional videos for roofing companies, web commercials for demolition companies and product videos for greenkeeping vehicles.

Our drone operators are fully trained, insured and approved by the CAA. We deal with all permissions to fly, prior to the shoot.
In some circumstances, flying a drone in certain areas may not be legally possible - our team will do all the neccessary checks during the pre-production process.

Animated lungs for medical video
Animation of the effect of inhalers on the lungs. Produced by Glass Bullet Media for a Lloyds medical app

Motion Graphics & Animation

Creating the Impossible

Some things just can’t be represented using live action; they need a bit of imagination and magic! This is where motion graphics and animation comes in.
Whether you need to show the inside of the human body or bring an imaginary character to life, animation is really the only way to do it.
We’ve used these techniques in medical videos to show how asthma inhalers affect the lungs and in smoking cessation films to show how smoking affects the blood cells. Recently we produced an industrial product video with animated sequences demonstrating floating wind turbines and underwater mooring ropes.

Motion Graphics for Business Videos

Animation doesn’t have to be used in an obvious way (for example, creating a cartoon character). Motion graphics can be used in subtle ways to animate your logo, add moving captions to a product video, or animated tracking over a map to show a location.
Even simple graphics like moving text can bring a video to life and be used to annotate specific features of a product.

Seescape Fife photography Fife
Behind the scenes photography can be used to capture additional promotional shots

Timelapse & Photography

Ask about our Photo / Video Package for your New Website

Often when clients approach us to produce a video, they also need professional images for their website. These may be headshots of staff, product stills, behind-the-scenes imagery for social media, or aerial photography for roof inspections. So it makes sense to have just one supplier for both your video production and photography. This means your branding remains consistant throughout your video and photographic marketing.
And since we shoot on HD and 4K, we can also extract very high resolution screen grabs from the video footage, which can be used on your website and printed media.
We have also created photographic timelapses which can be used most effectively for construction videos and events.

Video production crew on studio set in Scotland
Our crew are experienced in filming a varied selection of video productions, both on location and in the studio

Video Crew for Hire

As well as our own client productions, we have worked with a number of filmmakers, photographers and media organisations (including Bloomberg TV and Theatre Workshop Scotland) to provide equipment, shooting and editing services.
We can provide camera operators, aerial/drone operators and editors as well as all the neccessary kit. Get in touch now for our crew rates and availability.

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