Working Remotely with the Scottish SPCA During Lockdown

by Laura Binnie

1st May 2020

Like many businesses across the UK, Glass Bullet Media’s crew have now been working from home for many weeks during the global Covid 19 pandemic. This can be a real challenge for a video production company as video shoots have been cancelled to keep everyone safe - but we are still very much open for business and continuing to help our clients communicate through video during this crisis.
One way we’ve been doing this is with our remote post-production services which include editing, animation and motion graphics. This means we can re-purpose your existing video and photography content into new films for your website, social media channels or even for television. For example, this week our new TV advert for the Scottish SPCA was launched to coincide with their new ‘Don't Forget the Animals’ campaign.
Glass Bullet Media originally shot the campaign film earlier in the year as part of the SSPCA's Animal Helpline campaign, which included social media videos, Instagram Stories and photography for their flyers. The flyers are directly linked to the video campaign and explain what would happen if people didn’t use the helpline.
Unfortunately, the global pandemic and resulting lockdown meant our client couldn't premiere the film at their fundraising events, so they asked us to re-edit and prepare a 60sec version for STV.
There’s alot of technical work (and paperwork) involved in editing and preparing a tv ad - script clearances, legal checks, music copyright, flicker tests and luma levels etc, then the ad is ‘clocked' before finally sending to STV. All this was done from home using our remote post-production service.
The ad is airing on STV during April and May 2020, with voiceover by Gail Porter.

Watch the TV advert
Scottish SPCA TV advert
Our recent TV advert for the Scottish SPCA, edited from home during lockdown. With voiceover by Gail Porter.
Filming the Scottish SPCA TV advert
Our camera operator Lee, filming the Scottish SPCA TV advert before the lockdown. Photo courtesy of Laura Graham from the Scottish SPCA.
"The team at Glass Bullet are lovely to work with and very good at what they do.
We teamed up with Glass Bullet at the beginning of 2020 to produce a video to showcase our Animal Helpline. They were very professional and went above and beyond to help us create a promotional video that was shot using 4K technology for use on our digital channels, along with taking high resolution screen grabs for us to include photographs on our printed flyer.
The team really care about their work and they take the time to listen to you and make sure the end product is what you want.
When the country went into lockdown we had to work quickly to produce a new video to help us launch our 'Don't Forget the Animals' campaign which has since been used on TV and on our digital channels. Laura was able to take the footage from our Animal Helpline and re-purpose this to create a new video with a brand new message and added voiceover material.
Even when working remotely, the level of service remained efficient and very professional.
We are extremely happy with our video and we would highly recommend them."

Laura Graham
Fundraising Marketing Manager, Scottish SPCA
Scottish SPCA Helpline Appeal
SSPCA Savebo Appeal
Scottish SPCA Savebo Appeal

How can we help your business during (and after) the Coronavirus pandemic?

Many business are using this time to re-brand, re-design their website and repurpose their existing video content, as well as re-asses their marketing campaigns and make plans for future promotions after lockdown. To help our clients, we are extending our 10% charity discount to all businesses during the pandemic until the end of 2020, as we know that businesses need every bit of help they can get at this time. If you’d like a quote for a new company video, contact us now.

You may not be able to organise an event or even gather people for interviews, but we are still able to film products from the safety of our homes, edit your existing footage or create an animation. For example, during lockdown we edited a children’s storybook about a bear who has to stay at home, written by Anna Devine.

Watch the storybook
Animated Asthma Inhaler Video
Glass Bullet Media can still produce animated content and motion graphics from home during the Coronavirus pandemic.
Big Baldy Bear Stays at Home storybook
Glass Bullet Media edited a children’s video storybook during lockdown. It tells the story of a bear who has to stay at home.

The Future of Film and Video Production

The world as we knew it has now changed, perhaps for a very long time - and video production companies like Glass Bullet Media must also adapt to new working methods in order protect our crew and our clients.

Glass Bullet Media has a few interesting productions planned for our return post-lockdown - including a charity film, recipe video, golf course promos and product launch videos. We don’t yet know how the video production landscape and production process will change, but large-scale event capture may be a thing of the past, fundraising event videos may have to be adapted as TV adverts and even video interviews may have to be filmed remotely. Variety wrote an interesting article on how the film industry may change after lockdown.

These are difficult times for everyone, but do get in touch if you need help planning your next video marketing campaign.
The Glass Bullet team wishes you all good health during this crisis. Keep safe everyone!

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